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Advantages of oil-proof paper bags

author:admin Release time:2020-03-11 14:00
         The advantage of oil-proof paper bags, oil-proof paper bags are generally used to refer to the material is paper and oil-proof effect of the prominent packaging. Mostly Kraft paper materials, but also white paper materials. Mainly used to hold a variety of fried snacks, such as chicken, pancakes, Tongluoshao and other oily snacks. At present, most of the oil-proof paper bags used kraft paper as raw materials, but also a small number of white paper. The ink uses the edible water-based ink, the green health, the security rest assured. With the gradual enhancement of people's green consciousness, more and more people realize the importance of oil-proof paper bags. So, the prospect of oil-proof paper bags is very bright. Oil-proof paper bags instead of plastic bags and other packaging is also a trend! And with the progress of society, more and more young entrepreneurs are entering the traditional snack industry, which leads to a large increase in the demand for oil-proof paper bags, making oil-proof paper bags very commercial prospects, and the production process is simple, the machine demand is simple, low entry makes this industry supply and demand market greatly improve the oil-proof paper bag has the advantages: 1, water soluble speed can be designed to choose, completely dissolved in water, non-toxic non-polluting; 2, tensile strength, good tension; 3, high transparency, good gloss; 4, High Flexibility, good touch; 5, oil resistance, solvent resistance, can be heat sealed, can be printed; 6, low permeability, good air resistance; 7, can add plastic buttons or self-adhesive plastic bags; 8, anti-static good performance, non-dust. Water, air, sunlight, and biodegradability. Usually about a month, it can be decomposed into harmless substances