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On stiffness of cartons

author:admin Release time:2019-09-04 15:29
        For carton board, stiffness is a basic performance index, good stiffness carton can make the carton in the process of transportation is not easy to bend, and then suppress the contents. High stiffness, carton products can withstand greater pressure, relatively small stiffness carton products are more difficult to warp and bend. In modern times, the stiffness of packaging paper is required. The thicker the cardboard, the higher the stiffness.
      There are many factors affecting the stiffness of cardboard boxes. The most basic factor is the thickness of duty. When the thickness is the same, the stiffness will change with the density of cardboard. The bigger the cardboard prohibition is, the bigger the stiffness will be. Therefore, when choosing cartons, it is best to make the best decision according to the actual situation of the items to be packed.