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The customary color of packing paper box

author:admin Release time:2020-04-16 11:07
        Color on consumers will have a strong psychological reflection, so that they have the corresponding association, in the use of color should be fully taken into account when this point, the following common packaging cartons used color for a description. 1 non-staple Food Carton: often used bright, light color. Such as the use of blue, white means clean, sanitary, cool, etc. ; red, orange, yellow means sweet, fragrant, fresh, etc. . They are great for improving appetite. COSMETIC CARTONS: often use a soft, neutral color. Such as pink, pink, light rose red said fragrant, soft, noble and so on; some men's cosmetics sometimes with black said its solemn, and so on. PAPER BOXES FOR CHILDREN'S ARTICLES: use bright and eye-catching solid colors or strong contrast to express lively, lively and so on. Medical and pharmaceutical type carton: commonly used simple warm and cold color. Such as the use of green, cold gray shop quiet, anti-inflammatory, pain, and so on; red, orange, yellow warm color means tonic, nutrition, excitement, and so on; black means toxic; red and Black Block means toxic; Textile cartons: Black, white and gray are commonly used in the hierarchy, in the reconciliation of contrast; Women's textiles are often used bright, elegant colors. Packaging color is based on People's Association and habits of Color, and a high degree of exaggeration and Change, in order to seek new and different. The psychological function of color is complex, and often with countries, regions, ethnic groups, religious beliefs and other differences.