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Reasons for the popularity of paper bags

author:admin Release time:2019-09-04 15:33
         The emergence of paper bags is closely related to the sales promotion of businesses and enterprises. Paper bags are mobile billboards with low cost and good publicity effect, just like advertisement shirts that are everywhere nowadays. For example, some businessmen print their own marks, addresses, telephone numbers, business scope on paper bags one by one, giving people a striking display, playing an excellent role in publicity. As for the gift paper bags with merchandise sales, its intention is self-evident. Paper bags are also a window reflecting people's life consciousness. When environmental protection problems become more and more serious, environmental awareness also reflects on the design and manufacture of paper bags. For example, the paper bag of a clothing store, ochre yellow bag, with simple and elegant paper rope. Paper bags are made entirely of kraft paper, which has high recovery rate and will not pose a threat to the production environment like plastic bags. Such paper bags are very popular.